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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Create a card or project that uses only shades of PINK! Of course you are free to use white as your card/project base and black ink. Everything else MUST be created with nothing but PINK's!


PRIZE: This wonderful Magnolia Stamp

TOO MUCH PINK... that's how I'd describe my card this week!  
I am going to give this card to the little girl that bunny-sat Nadia (our rabbit) while we were on vacation.


Danielle Champagne said...

Hello Adria, This si too cute! I love pink... I like your layout too. Very nice. Beautiful shades of pink, it's soft, and I would not say it's too much.

Dora said...

There is a lot of pink yes... but you can never say 'Too Much' with pink he he 'cos its just beautiful. Nadia, your bunny-sitter will definitely love it xx

Betty Wright said...

Oh, this is so precious, Adria! Adorable design and fabulous cut work detailing! Lovely card!

Leonie said...

I Love this Adria. I love it even more after reading who you are giving it to! What little bunny minding girl is not going to love this deliciusly pink card. So cute! Great job!!
Hugs Leonie

Graphicat said...

Too much pink?!?! Are you crazy?! LOL (dont answer that... ;o) ) I LOVE this adorable little bunny and all the pink! It's HOT!
Luv ya

Lindsay Weirich said...

never can there be too much pink, pink is perfect!