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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Life's a Beach challenge

May 30th: Life's a Beach!

For this week's challenge you MUST create a card or project that has a beach theme, something that you'd see at the beach or just uses colors you relate to being at the beach. PLEASE REMEMBER: You MUST use the images that you received from Shriley's 2 Girls AND place the Gift Certificate Badge with a clickable link back to Shirley's 2 Girls webshop on your personal blogs for this week's challenge.

SPONSOR: Shirley's 2 Girls
WEBSITE: http:shirleys2girls.com

 the images i used are from Shriley's 2 Girls and TAC.
I used Sugar Dust on the mer-cat and mermaids tails.  
I'm a looser and have no nifty markers so I used my colored pencils again.
My hand is really bothering me now so I cant type much.  Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pearls and Swirls!

For this week's challenge you will create a card or a project filled with pearls and swirls!

SPONSOR: Simon Says Stamp

PRIZE: $25 Gift Certificate

WEBSITE: http://simonsaysstamp.comKatt (Guest Designer)

I made 3 graduation cards... embossed the heck outta them!  
Still avoiding coloring but how long can I do it???  hmmmm...
Here are my cards :

btw... in reference to the lovely as a tree challenge...
only ONE FREAKIN' comment???   SERIOUSLY?? 
Man o' man!  I thought my tissue box ROCKED!
Tough audience...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lovely As A Tree

Today is "Love a Tree Day."    So at Stamptacular Sunday Challenge, this week's challenge is to create a card or project that has a tree on it.

.SPONSOR: Meljen's Designs

PRIZE: Four digis of Winner's Choice

WEBSITE: http://meljensdesigns.com

YAY!  this challenge is ALL ME!  I love trees and my style is definitely botanical  :)  Too bad I CANT COLOR my images...really I cant!  it is a physical limitaion due to an injury I sustained Friday, May 7th.  The story is at the end of this post if you want to hang around long enough to read it.

I created a TISSUE BOX COVER!  I wish I heat embossed my images and the coloring I attempted on the focal-point tree is a bit scribbly (dang hand!) but I'm pretty happy with the outcome.  It got a little smooshed before I took these pictures  ("sigh....")

By the size of my rump you'd think different, but surprisingly I DON'T BOUNCE!

please take a second or two to say a silent prayer that if accidents come in threes that they DON'T increase in intensity, injury and absurdity...

Remember i mentioned my fall?  you know my last post??  OMG...go back and READ it;  I'll wait...

so two days later (5/7/10) I'm on the treadmill.  I was gettin' my "Boom Boom Pow" on BIG time!  I was rocking at a good 6mph pace when up walks our 22yr old cat....

Pandy,  "meow."
Me, "no, go."
Pandy, (getting closer)  "meow?"
Me, "GO!"
Pandy (stepping up on the plastic shield @ the front of the tread)  "MEEEEE-OOOOW!"
Me, " GO, SHOO!  GO, PANDY!"
Pandy (stepping in what seems like slow motion onto the tread)  " Meeee.........." shooting off between my legs.....

THE CAT is ok.  I went to the emergency room with an avulsion fracture on a finger in my right hand.  Typing all this had taken me forever.

So as I sit watching Pandy steel my last buffalo jack n' bleu cheese stick, I'm torn with weather i should take it away from her.  It cant be healthy for her but then again the thought of her spending an intensely "burning" moment in the litter box does give me a not-so-Christian-like sense of  retribution.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


So this week's Stamptacular Sunday Challenge in a sketch.
Here it is:

SPONSOR: Stamp and Create  (they have some seriously adorable stuff!!)

PRIZE: $20.00 Gift Certificate   (what???  NO FAIR!  I want to win!!!!)

WEBSITE: http://stampandcreate.com

So, I wasn't really "feeling" this sketch... know what I mean?  
I am still knee deep in boxes and clutter without a place and to top it off I FELL.  YESSSSSS, like an eighty year old woman with bad hips and her calcium depleting by the second!   So now I'm sore, bruises all over, it hurts to sit and I thought my cat was dying from something he ate or drank... have I mentioned I'm completely stressed out lately???


I did it!  At first I was not happy with it, but the next day I woke up with a fresh perspective and I rather like it.  The picture does NOT do it justice (but that's the case with most of the projects I do.)  
Keep in mind I was not in the mood to color and quite frankly I'm BORED with my stamps (please don't tell them!)  I chose a clear stamp I never used and an old SU set, "Essence of Love" for the background.

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