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Sunday, May 16, 2010

By the size of my rump you'd think different, but surprisingly I DON'T BOUNCE!

please take a second or two to say a silent prayer that if accidents come in threes that they DON'T increase in intensity, injury and absurdity...

Remember i mentioned my fall?  you know my last post??  OMG...go back and READ it;  I'll wait...

so two days later (5/7/10) I'm on the treadmill.  I was gettin' my "Boom Boom Pow" on BIG time!  I was rocking at a good 6mph pace when up walks our 22yr old cat....

Pandy,  "meow."
Me, "no, go."
Pandy, (getting closer)  "meow?"
Me, "GO!"
Pandy (stepping up on the plastic shield @ the front of the tread)  "MEEEEE-OOOOW!"
Me, " GO, SHOO!  GO, PANDY!"
Pandy (stepping in what seems like slow motion onto the tread)  " Meeee.........." shooting off between my legs.....

THE CAT is ok.  I went to the emergency room with an avulsion fracture on a finger in my right hand.  Typing all this had taken me forever.

So as I sit watching Pandy steel my last buffalo jack n' bleu cheese stick, I'm torn with weather i should take it away from her.  It cant be healthy for her but then again the thought of her spending an intensely "burning" moment in the litter box does give me a not-so-Christian-like sense of  retribution.


Graphicat said...

LOL....ok sorry....shouldn't laugh....but... BROL! holy Crap girl! Im gonna send you some bubble wrap...wrap yourself up.

Pooooor kitty! Must 'ave scared the crap out of her! ;o)

Be careful.... and 22yr old cat? Seriously???

Annette said...

OMG Adria, you have a such a wittm canny way of describing things - you have me cracking up! Anywho, hope all is well, I agree w/Cheri - we gotta bubble wrap you! No more Boom boom pow for you! LOL! Take care.