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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pearls and Swirls!

For this week's challenge you will create a card or a project filled with pearls and swirls!

SPONSOR: Simon Says Stamp

PRIZE: $25 Gift Certificate

WEBSITE: http://simonsaysstamp.comKatt (Guest Designer)

I made 3 graduation cards... embossed the heck outta them!  
Still avoiding coloring but how long can I do it???  hmmmm...
Here are my cards :

btw... in reference to the lovely as a tree challenge...
only ONE FREAKIN' comment???   SERIOUSLY?? 
Man o' man!  I thought my tissue box ROCKED!
Tough audience...

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Carmen O. said...

These graduation cards are fabulous! So was your tree tissue box. Been spending quite a bit of time on the computer while sitting here with Tim, may as well blog hop. It was so great to see you yesterday. Mitch said so is her name Adria or Adrian. I said Adria, although her sister has a little more common name. Then I said just like me and my sister. At least I like my name now. Hope you have a wonderful week!