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Sunday, May 9, 2010


So this week's Stamptacular Sunday Challenge in a sketch.
Here it is:

SPONSOR: Stamp and Create  (they have some seriously adorable stuff!!)

PRIZE: $20.00 Gift Certificate   (what???  NO FAIR!  I want to win!!!!)

WEBSITE: http://stampandcreate.com

So, I wasn't really "feeling" this sketch... know what I mean?  
I am still knee deep in boxes and clutter without a place and to top it off I FELL.  YESSSSSS, like an eighty year old woman with bad hips and her calcium depleting by the second!   So now I'm sore, bruises all over, it hurts to sit and I thought my cat was dying from something he ate or drank... have I mentioned I'm completely stressed out lately???


I did it!  At first I was not happy with it, but the next day I woke up with a fresh perspective and I rather like it.  The picture does NOT do it justice (but that's the case with most of the projects I do.)  
Keep in mind I was not in the mood to color and quite frankly I'm BORED with my stamps (please don't tell them!)  I chose a clear stamp I never used and an old SU set, "Essence of Love" for the background.


Graphicat said...

:o) You always make me smile...but I'll still take one of yours.

I completly understand. Sometimes I wonder how I can sit in this beautiful room surrounded by hundreds....*gulp* ....ok THOUSANDS of dollars worth of stamps and think.... I have nothing!! But then I have to shake my head alittle. :o)

Cant wait for your room to be set up?! Show a pic?

Great job team-mate...even uninspired you inspire me.
Hugs Cheri

Annette said...

Adria, you are so funny! I hope everything finds it's place soon. Till then: Coffee & chocolate - makes everything better, and gets the creative juices going! LOL

Anywho, I love this card! It is simply lovely!

Gemma said...

Recognize your feelig, does not show on your card anyway! Love it! Hope you have everything in place yet? Hugs Gemma

Peggie said...

Nice interpretation of the sketch. Love the background you created.