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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Layer it on

Create a card that has at least five layers! This can be designer papers, and cardstocks stacked on top of one another, 3-D effects, pop-ups, embellishments, etc...You decide! Just make sure you have five layers somewhere on your card front when you're finished!

SPONSOR: The Greeting Farm

PRIZE: SINGLE of winner's choice

I used all Stampin' Up! stamps for this project.  NO patterned papers, its all stamping and distressing.  
Did  I meet the challenge??  Let's count at the "thickest" point, shall we?
1. first layer background matt
2. stamped background
3. clock face
4. red torn edge
5. matt for sentiment
6. sentiment

6!   6 layers.
Mwaaaa aaaa aaaah!  (lightning and thunder)  
Did any of you get the  Sesame Street reference??  The Count?
I've had way too much sugar....


Danielle Champagne said...

Sugar??? AH! that is the reason... LOL. I'm having tea, so I am a BIT quiet. Your card is very lovely. There is such a feeling of deepness preciousness, and fragility, when I look at it, I don't know if it's because of the clock, the deep colors, the gorgeous crackled background, but I feel something in my heart. Of course the sentiment is indeed precious in itself, but you capture the totality of this message in your work. Congrats, sister DT, it's MAGNIFIQUE. and I adore.

Annika said...

Yeah, I wish I was able to cope without humongous piles of patterned paper. Just creating the whole card from scratch, by stamping/sponging etc. Freakin' amazing job!!

Betty Wright said...

Adria, this is wonderful! Beautiful colors and the created textures and detailing are fabulous! Wonderful layers and design! Awesome card!

Ashley said...

Hi there, Thanks for the comment! your card is also very beautifull!!! i really love distressing but my mom stole my distressing tool ..Arghh.. need to buy a new one, and what better way to spend your birthday money on is on the distrezz-it-all from zutter!! mwahahaha.. love it.. i don't have it yet because the store needs to import it from america, cause the don't sell these here! horrible.. that the most of supplies are over there.. and i'm over here.. makes me think about moving hihi! also the butterfly is a rubbon by i think creative imagination. (the packiging was already off..so) I love the clock and the sentiment stamps u have used (anyway can you send me an email..hint hint!!)

hihi very nice crackles btw!!

Graphicat said...

Girl I so love this!!! I love how your entire card is well... STAMPED! That totally rocks. I love the clock and the timelessness of your card. it's precious. Great job as always girl!

Annette said...

Adria, what an elegant & gorgeous card, sister! I love, love that stamp! I just got it last week too - gonna have to "scrap-lift" that design from you girlfriend (haha!)

Maya said...

Such a wonderful card!
Love the colors, the wonderful image and you`re design!
Hugs from Maya

Marion E. said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. And here I came to yours and I see the most stunning work here.
I love how you made cards and this one is ready stunning.
How great that you have 3 copics now. Be aware.. they are very addictive.. lol
I have a tutorial on my blog on how to work on hair with copic markers.
Hope you like it and give it a try.
I'm working on more tutorials like this.. so stay tuned.

Sandy Ang said...

Your lovely card is filled with old-world charm !

Love to see you at my challenge - http://angsandy.blogspot.com/2010/11/sandys-challenge-1.html